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For some of us, waiting on the right conditions is difficult.  It can be easier to take matter into our own hands and try to force things to happen.

But what happens when the conditions are right?  If we were given 24 hours notice for the thing we are hoping for, waiting on, dreaming of, how would we respond?

Would we show up or shrink back?

In February 2010, after waiting three months for right conditions, calls went out to the 24 chosen surfers to come to Half Moon Bay, CA.  Chris Bertish, from South Africa, flew 36 hours to show up.

He went on to win the competition that year.  All because he was ready to go.

He didn’t hesitate.
He didn’t second guess his dream.
He got the call and immediately took off.

When the time to act is upon us do we move forward or do we shrink back?

There is a time to wait, but then, there is a time to act.

Where are you?

Are you trying to force conditions to happen?
Are you paralyzed by the open door and perfect conditions you’ve been given?

Both are hard, but when God is who you are following, He will take you exactly where He designed you to go.  It may not be the safest place.  There may be strong currents, cold temperatures, or rocks to hurdle, but I guarantee, it is the best place to be.