Half a mile off the coast of Half Moon Bay here in Northern California is place called Maverick’s Point.  Surfers from all over the world come to grapple with its waves and test their own abilities, or rather, their own limitations.

You see, Mavericks is not just any surf spot.

The waters at Mavericks are like no other.  Waves extend as high as fifty feet, and the waters below consist of: extreme currents, rocks and reefs, and frigid temps making it “far too dangerous for mere mortals”.

In 1999 Quicksilver held the first surf competition at Mavericks and thrust the local surf break into the world spotlight.  But not just anyone can compete- it’s invitation-only.  Every year the top 24 surfers from around the world are presented with an invitation to surf Mavericks.

An open window is given at the beginning of each year, and when the organizers deem conditions “just right” the top 24 surfers from around the world are given 24 hours notice to be present.  24 hours!

What’s fascinating to me about it is:

– If the conditions aren’t perfect.
– If the waves aren’t mesmerizing.
– If mother nature doesn’t do what it’s been known to do.

There’s NO contest.
None.  Such was the case last year.

Our local paper had an article last week about Mavericks’ current conditions as they announced the start window had now been pushed back from Nov.1st to Jan.1st.  I read in amazement, dumbfounded by the willingness of the organizers to wait until conditions were perfect.

It got me thinking.

How often do we wait for right conditions?  Often we would rather force and manufacture things so that conditions work in our favor (and wonder why we don’t like the results).  Waiting is hard, but like the surfers know, the payoff is worth the wait.

Don’t force, don’t manufacture, don’t push.  Let God work in your life, and in His time, He will bring you the right conditions and take you for the ride of your life.