No matter if you’re just discovering you’re pregnant, chasing two year olds all day, or in the throws of the teen years, one of the things I remind myself as a mom is to look for ways to enjoy every stage of motherhood.  A good friend told me that before I ever got pregnant with my first baby, and it’s been something I’ve thought about often throughout my journey so far as a mom.

There are pros and cons to every stage of life, but so often the negative things are what rise to the surface and snatch away the good things- or our ability to see the good things.  I’ve experienced this so much just with the few ages and stages I’ve walked through so far.

Here’s just a few example I could think of:

Newborn Stage
Pro- Adorably cute, so innocent, sleep a lot, completely dependent on you,
Con- Don’t sleep a lot at one time, Usually cry at inconvenient times, gassy which leads to more crying

Infant Stage
Pro- Still cute and innocent, sleep at night, still depend on you, start interacting with you, but doesn’t defy you.
Con- There’s not a whole lot of cons at this age (in my opinion), but the reality of keeping a consistent schedule can be taxing, or the need to let the baby cry more often can be frustrating.  You can’t go anywhere at the drop of a hat and expect them to sleep through everything anymore.  You enter the world of child care and babysitters- letting other people care for your child can be stressful.

Pre-toddler Stage
Pro- Start experiencing more milestones, start communicating, expressing feelings, you see more of their personality
Con- They start to defy you and challenge your authority, they start throwing temper tantrums

I think you get my point, but I could go through each and every stage and find things that are fun and exciting as well as things that are difficult and challenging.  Often we say things like, “I just can’t wait till they can (walk, talk, eat by themself, are potty trained, etc), then life will get easier.” I’ve even said those things myself.

But, in reality, once we get to the place we thought was easier, all of a sudden a new problem or issue arises that we didn’t realize we would have to deal with.  If we continue doing this, our child will be grown and gone, and we’ll be wishing they were infants all over again.

One of my huge goals as a mom is to let myself enjoy each phase and each season of our family and focus more on the positive than the negative.  They will both always be there, there are no perfect babies, toddlers, or teenagers.  I can’t ignore or eliminate the problems of parenting, but I can choose to see the positive over the negative.

It’s my choice.