To add a little spice to this blog, I’ve been working on some themes that will help my mind focus yet still have the freedom to write what I’m feeling and inspired about.  

This first one is called the “Life is…” series.  Each week I’m going to post how my week is going.  They will range from random to serious, but will hopefully provide some sense of meaning and purpose for you.  Hope you enjoy. 

This week…life is a balancing act- seriously!  Sometimes I think I got cut short with the whole multi-tasking gene.  Or maybe I’m just trying to be superwoman and balance way more than I should (probably more likely). 

Being in the life season I am as a young mom, I’m constantly readjusting my schedule to balance all that is going on around me.  Often I get to a point where I realize we are doing way too much and simply need to scale back.  Other times, it is just time to change as the girls grow, and even as the seasons change. 

At the end of summer, I sat down and started planning our fall schedule- girls’ daily schedule, church/small group schedule, outside activities, etc.  We began slowly incorporating new things while staying consistent with the old- I don’t want to completely freak my girls out. 

Something I have added to Lily’s schedule are preschool lessons 2 mornings/wk.  This is more for the sake of routine and structure which I believe is important for a preschooler.  I let Cailyn participate too for as long as her attention span lasts.  I try to have a theme for the week and incorporate fun crafts and cooking into the mix too.  This week is Fall week, and we’re learning about the fall season- we had fun today going on a “leaf” hunt.

Another addition to our fall schedule are small groups, and is always one of the highlights of my schedule.  Our weeknights seem a little hectic as Filipe and I each have a group on a different night.  This trimester I’m not only leading a group, but writing the lessons for it which is much more time consuming.  As tough as it can be, I love doing it this way and God teaches me so much through it. 

 In all that we have changed, this week is the test to see if we can handle it all- doing our normal schedule (including cleaning & laundry), preschool lessons and activities, as well as preparing for small group.  It has been a lot to think about, but it seems that when I’m doing what God wants me to (nothing more/less) everything falls into place- even if it’s a lot to do. 

Balancing for the sake of being busy isn’t very fun, but balancing for the sake of doing what God has called me to makes life make more sense- to me at least. 

How about you?  Do you have a lot to balance?  How do you handle it all?

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