Just this week I feel like I’ve experienced every emotion possible. 

– One moment I love being pregnant, the next I don’t AT ALL!
– One moment I’m at peace and relaxed, the next I’m stressed and impatient.
– One moment I’m feeling great, the next I feel miserable.
– One moment I’m content, the next I’m depressed.

I’m sure it’s all normal and comes with pregnancy- or at least it can be justified it in that way.  As difficult as some moments are, I am excited for what is to come.  It really hit me the other day that this baby is coming soon!  I’ve known all along- obviously, but this whole time I’ve been preparing for January, and now January is here.  Only a couple more weeks!

I finally started getting things ready for this little boy this week.  I’ve spent the past two days cleaning out closets, washing all of our baby stuff, and getting the room together.  There is still a lot left to do and buy, but things are coming together and I know I’ll look back in about a month and think about how fast it all went. 

That’s me this week…I’ll be doing my best to keep blogging throughout the month, but no guarantees.  Like I stated above some moments are good, some aren’t so good.

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