Filipe and I went to Charleston, SC last week to be part of a wedding.  Filipe’s parents took care of our girls so we were able to make the trip alone.  Filipe also had the opportunity to speak at the college ministry we used to work for, and we were able to reconnect with many friends along the way. 

I’m so amazed at how much we did and how focused I was during the week.  It was incredible!  I’m still trying to figure out if it was just because I didn’t have the girls with me or if God supernaturally gave me an extra ability to focus (I’m believing it was a little of both!).  It wasn’t something I was expecting or trying to do- it just happened.  And it was so noticeable to me that it was profound.  I often struggle with focusing my mind and my thoughts.  I feel like I have so much going on around me and my mind is constantly jumping back and forth from what I want do to what I should do.  It can be pretty overwhelming. 

This past week every day was filled with appointment after appointment (5 consecutive days in a row), but not once did I feel stressed or get brain overload- not once!  In fact, I don’t remember the last time I’ve been that calm and at peace.  And more importantly, with every conversation, I was completely focused on the person I was talking to, and not thinking about the next person I would see later or let my mind drift to something else.  It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in a long, long time. 

As a mom, it really helped me see the magnitude of my job.  I realized how much mental focus and energy goes into taking care of them- even if it isn’t on my list of things that are “important”.  It also showed me what it feels like to allow my mind to completely focus on one thing at a time and how much can be accomplished when I do. 

Now that I’ve been able to experience this kind of “focus”, I’m really wanting to retain it and learn how to have this as a full-time mom.  Often I can get so distracted by what I wish I could do that I fail to look at what is directly in front of me.  I’m not really sure how this will look in the next few weeks, but I’m excited to make it a priority.  I have a feeling that it will require some sacrifice and even saying no to things that I like doing, but after this week, I can see the huge benefit of it- FOCUS! 

How about you?  How do you focus when there are so many things to do?

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