This year for Lily’s birthday I wanted to do something really special. We haven’t had a big party for her the last two years, and this year seemed like a good year for a party done right.

Of course the timing could have been a little better considering there was a lot going on last week at South Bay, but you do what you can with what you got. I’ve always said my kids come before ministry and this one felt like it put that belief to the test. I don’t regret any of it.

I started planning everything a couple weeks ago and that helped. It didn’t take away any of the work, but having a plan sure did help. The p

Here’s how it went:

We invited the girls from her class at school and a couple from Baykids over to our house for a “Girls Night”. Trying to figure out what to do with her whole class was overwhelming & not easy on the budget, but thinking of doing something for just the girls was do-able for me.

The theme was My Little Pony meets dress-up party

Lily & the Dress-Up Table
(complete w/ necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, nail polish, and makeup)

I also invited Stacie, Cristine (my sister-in-law), and Juliane (my mother-in-law) over to help with the festivities. They saved me from having to be in three different places at once all while being a good host.

As the girls arrived, they pretended to be a little shy. But that didn’t last long.

The food had a rainbow theme to go with Lily’s favorite pony, Rainbow Dash.

The colors of the rainbow made the fruit & veggies trays easy
(never did find any blue veggies though).

I also made a chex mix, marshmallow pops, and cookies.

The star of the show was when Lily’s teacher made an appearance.The girls jumped up from their seats when she walked in and ran to give her a hug.

Our local pizza place sells “make-your-own” pizza kits,

and the girls made their own pizzas for dinner.

After they ate their pizza they…

had their nails painted,

danced to the movie, Tangled,

and I put a little makeup on them.

Next we cut the cake…

Here’s the outside…

and the rainbow inside.

The girls had a blast!

We finished by opening gifts.
The picture doesn’t quite capture the screams as she opened them.

They were all pretty cute.

After all the girls left Filipe, Lily, Cailyn, and I piled onto our bed and Lily opened our gift to her.

Roller Skates!!

She’s been asking for these for months now. I’m not sure where the idea came from, but she’s been putting sticky notes all over the house describing exactly what she wants. I found some pretty close to what she asked for. I had to order them though- can’t find these in stores.

Her first fall trying to take a picture.

The day was a success. It was so fun to celebrate her.