Here are some pictures from Lily’s 4th birthday last week.  We didn’t do a BIG party this year, just some small events with family and friends.  I think Lily enjoyed it a lot more since she can get a little overwhelmed by a crowd. 

On Tuesday, I took all three kids out for a picnic for lunch, and then at night we had a pizza party with our immediate family.  Afterward, Filipe’s parents, Carol & Cecelia (friends visiting from Brasil), and the Wood family came over for cake and to watch Lily open her gifts. 

On Friday we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch and invited three other families to come play too.  They all had so much fun.  Of course, Filipe couldn’t resist buying the chocolate cake and the kids loved him for it! 

On Saturday I took Lily out shopping at the mall.  She needed some summer clothes and I thought it would be more fun to pick them out together instead of giving them to her on her birthday.  We had fun picking out lots of pink clothes (pink bathing suit, jacket, shirts, skirt, dress) and came back with our arms full of shopping bags.  (Sorry no pictures of that.) 

Cailyn had some moments of jealousy throughout the week.  After seeing Lily’s cake, Cailyn said, “Mommy make me a Minnie cake too!” (in a very demanding voice).  The two pictures of her below is her getting some attention too.  Very cute.   

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