Do you ever feel like there’s a gap between what you are doing and what you wish you could be doing? A disconnect between what your heart is moved by and what your day demands?

Photo Credit: Bonnie Natko (Creative Commons)

As a child we are told we can do anything and be anyone…and we believe it. But somewhere between childhood and adulthood someone tells us otherwise, we lose sight of our dream, and life begins controlling us rather than vice versa.

Instead of having the fulfilling, meaningful career you dreamed of, life becomes all about the bills that need paying, the car that needs fixing, and the hope for the promotion to make it in the end.


Instead of having the joyful, life-giving family you planned for, you find yourself drowning in diapers, tripping over soccer cleats, and waiting for time to stand still just for an hour so you can have some peace and quiet.

But what about all those other things?

  • The things you dream of?
  • The things you hope for?
  • The things that stir you most?

Did they disappear? Are they on hold? Do you even dream anymore?

I believe with all my heart that God puts hopes and dreams inside each one of us. He created each of us with a purpose, and life will never be satisfying until we are living and doing what He’s called us to do.

I also believe that there is an enemy of God, Satan, who does everything he can to distract us from living out God’s purposes for us. He tells us we’re not ready yet, we’re not good enough, and that later is better than now (now will never come). Satan keeps us focused on what we can’t do, while God wants us to focus on what we can do.

What are you passionate about?

What can you do today?



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