Having put our house on the market, we now have to keep our house in “model home” condition. Well, I guess we don’t HAVE to, but beings that it would be an amazing thing to not have to deal with renting it after moving to California, it would be to our advantage. So, to keep the house ready to show, here are a few important things we have to do:

1. It has to be spotlessly clean (& w/ a baby and toddler that’s work in itself!).

2. De-personalized- It has to look “lived-in”, but not too much that they can’t imagine themselves living there. So taking all our pictures down is a little weird because the next time I’ll get them back out will be in California!

3. De-cluttered. Since I’m not much of a fan of clutter its not too bad, but it is amazing how things can pile up in closets when you don’t have to look at it every day.

The stress of keeping a “perfect” house is…ENORMOUS. You see EVERY black mark, paint chip, carpet stain, and paint drip. Then on top of these things, we have to be ready in almost a moments notice to get out so a realtor can show it to prospective buyers. OH THE INSANITY!

So, as we were rushing around cleaning this weekend and organizing and re-organizing…it got me thinking…

Have you ever been to a new home builders model home(s)? It’s so much fun to walk through them. Why? The models are the best! Builders spend enormous amounts of money decorating them so that they will entice you. A model home is inviting, clean, organized, and comfortable. They give you a vision for what your life could be.

As Christians, what would it be like if someone told us we were to be a “model” Christian. What if people were going to be coming by to “take a look”? Where would we start cleaning first? What would we change? What would we want people to see (or not see!)? Would we be ready for “prospective buyers”?

Just got me thinking…

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