Throughout the month of May I focused extensively on my writing.

Now for the month of June I’m focusing on working out again. It’s not like I completely stopped. I did a workout here and there, and went running on occasion, but that’s just what it was- sporadic. And we all know when things are sporadic, there are little results, right?

So, it was time for me to kick it into high gear again. But I have to do what’s doable for me and give myself a goal that is realistic.

 30 Day Shred

It’s not the most recent workout to hit the market, but this is my go-to workout DVD.

Jillian (& her team) must have had moms in mind when creating this because the only reasons I have not to do it is plain old “I just don’t wanna do it” laziness (And yes, I’ve had many of those days), or if I’m sick and physically can’t do anything.

The #1 reason I love it? It’s only 20 minutes!

The fact that I can workout and get ready in under an hour is huge for me. I also like the variety and the different levels.

I had to start back at week 1 (it had been a while), and by day 3 I could barely get out of bed- everything was sore. I pushed through it though and now 14 days into it I feel great.

I’ve been doing it everyday Monday thru Friday and resting on the weekends. Most days I do it between 7-8am with the exception of Wednesday when I do it later in the morning (it helps me to break it up) and let the kids watch or do it with me.

The most fun is watching my kids attempt it. Lily can get through the workout and keep up (of course she’s running to the kitchen for water half the time, but she tries which is cute). Yesterday she did near perfect “walk-out pushups”. She’s going to be a great workout partner, I just know it.

Cailyn and Efraim try hard. Cailyn sits down on some of the exercises and says, “this one’s too hard for me”. Efraim just likes to jumps around. He got down in a perfect plank position yesterday.

Moms, need a good workout, check it out. All you need is some dumbbells and you’re good to go.


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