I’ve been holding out on you with this secret, but for a good reason. I had to test it out first. And by the way, this isn’t just for moms, but anyone who is in charge of the family dinner menu.

Planning meals has been hard for me from day one of married life. Balancing the groceries budget with good eating is just plain hard. Before kids came along it wasn’t as big of a deal. Filipe and I worked together back then so often we would tackle dinner together no problem. In fact, it was enjoyable.

But those were the good ole’ days.

Now, I have a family of five to cook for…every night! You would think I had a handle on this by now.  Nope.

My biggest problem is that the world wide web is my recipe book. In a given week I would cook up anything from Kraft Foods and the Food Network to Giada and the Pioneer Woman. Seriously I was going crazy.

And that’s when e-mealz came to my rescue.

I had heard about it for a few months. On Jon Acuff’s blog no less.

At first I didn’t want to spend the money, but then one day I realized that signing up would actually be saving me money…not to mention TIME…a LOT of time.

I signed up in February, and have NOT been disappointed. It’s been a lifesaver. My meals AND shopping list are planned out for me.

The best thing it does for me is it gives my mind some boundaries. I haven’t always followed every recipe to the dot, sometimes it brings to mind another favorite recipe I haven’t made in a while and I make it instead. But the idea was worth it.

But then there are some weeks, I don’t even have 5 minutes to think about dinner that week. So I just print out the plan/shopping list and head to the store and wa-la I’m done. The few times that’s happened was worth the $5 alone.

So if dinner time is crazy in your house as it is in mine, give e-mealz a try. I don’t think you’ll be diappointed.