As a mom, there are constantly things to rejoice over and things to improve on.  I am in a constant state of simultaneously feeling like a winner and like a failure.  It never ends.

Last week I found myself excited over a new accomplishment with Lily, and not even five minutes later, realize I have a lot of work to do in a different area with Efraim.

I think the important thing is recognizing both.

Praising the good and seeing the “win”, while
identifying the bad and making steps to improve.

The other day I tweeted this picture of Lily washing the dishes.

One night after dinner Lily asked if she could rinse off the dishes to which I responded, “sure!”.  I didn’t think too much of it since I figured it would get old for her pretty quickly, but I praised her over and over, and told her how helpful it was to me.  For the last two weeks she has continued to ask if she can do the dishes, and follow through on it, and do a great job.  This is huge!  I’m most impressed with her desire to do it more than just being capable to get the job done.

On the other hand.  We’re working really hard on her greeting adults and being polite (as opposed to being shy) around others.  This is an area we’re working on, but I’m waiting for the “win” to come.

Cailyn has amazing creativity and can pray or sing whatever is in her heart, but we’re also working on her controlling her emotions when she gets her feelings hurt (& for her it can be often).

 Efraim is doing significantly better with pack-n-play time (this post explains the why behind that) and even runs to the pack-n-play when he knows that’s what time it is.

Now we are working hard to keep the boundary line clear for things he is capable of doing, but is not entirely safe (like climbing the bunk beds!).

A couple weeks ago I walked into the girls room where Efraim and Cailyn were playing (like always) to find this.  They are pretty creative in finding new ways to scare Mama.

 Whether you feel like you’re winning or not, motherhood is a journey.  These moments teach us something about ourselves, God, and our kids.  Choose to embrace it and let it challenge you.  The rewards down the road will be worth your time, your prayers, and even the heartache you endured along the way.