So as promised here are two more great reads.

So Long, Insecurity

1.  So Long, Insecurity
by Beth Moore

Finally there’s a book that talks about all the junk that women need to deal with.  It breaks my heart to see so many women bound up with insecurity.  Beth Moore cuts through all the excuses and gives us the opportunity to allow the Holy Spirit to release us from the insecurity that often holds us back from truly living.  This is a book I’ll probably open up regularly to remind myself of the life God has for me.

Can I Have And Do It All, Please?

2.  Can I Have And Do It All, Please?
by Christine Caine

The first place I heard (or saw) the name Christine Caine was on Twitter believe it or not!  I connected to her through some other people I follow and she intrigued me.  I learned that she travels as a speaker, writes, and is a huge advocate for human trafficking victims through the A21 campaign– on top of being a wife and mother of two girls.  I remember thinking, “how does she do it?”.  Then a few months later a friend suggested I get this book (she had given me the money for my birthday to buy it) so I took her up on it.  The name pretty much says it all!

Reading this book helped confirm a lot of things I already knew and encouraged me to continue to pursue what God places in MY heart.  So often we can look at those around us and feel pressured to do what they do- I am so guilty of that.  But I’ve realized that I’ll never be fulfilled unless I’m doing what God has called me to do with the gifts He’s given me to do it. By focusing on Him and allowing His Spirit to lead us we will be able to do ALL that God desires for us- which is likely far greater than what we think we can do.