Today is your birthday, and you’re sick with the flu. I’m so sorry. Your fever’s coming down and we’re all believing you’ll be better for your party tomorrow.

Efraim, I can’t believe you are three years old. You are most definitely not a baby anymore, and while you’ll always be a baby in my eyes, I’m doing my best not to treat you like one. 

I think back on this year of being two, and my how you’ve grown. Here are a few things I remember and want to treasure.

  • You are a people person. You don’t like being by yourself. Whether it’s playing dress-up with your sisters or asking for someone to sit with you while you watch your favorite show, you’re happy when others are close. I like that.
  • You are orderly (maybe a little OCD). I’ve never seen a two year old clean their room the way you can. And put everything in the “right” place. We’re working on the extreme part of that, but the fact that you like order is a good thing in my book.
  • You are a risk taker. You’re not afraid to try new things and be adventurous. While it scares me sometimes and stacking the stools on top of the couch to jump off of may not be the best idea, I like your courage and determination.
  • You are potty trained. I’m still in shock over how fast you were able to get this one down. I considered this my Christmas present this year. Within two weeks you had it all down- day and night. And a bonus- you’ve never had an accident in public. You have no idea how thrilled/shocked I still am about this.
  • A year ago you barely uttered a word, and now, you talk non-stop.  You are polite and say, “No, thank you.” and can even sing the entire chorus of “Call Me Maybe”. Oh my. Your version of Amazing Grace (video below) has brought laughter to many. We’ll work on your pronunciation, hopefully you’ll get it worked out this year. But you are so cute to listen to.

I love you so much and can’t wait to see all that being three will bring.

Happy Birthday!

*Disclaimer: No we didn’t teach him to sing it this way, he has difficulty with the “R” sound and replaces it with a “B”. Hope you think it’s as funny as we do. We figure a b!tch needs just as much saving as we wretches do.