This week I’m taking a break from fresh content and revisiting and/or updating some of what I covered throughout 2011.  

I was slightly surprised when my DIY project posts received so much traffic last summer.  Then I thought about all of the real DIY people out there and realized they were probably somewhat disappointed if they stumbled upon my blog hoping for more DIY projects.  Sorry, out a luck here.

I’m sure pinterest has much more for you than I ever will.  I only create what I can’t afford and really really want.

Well, after 6 months I still love my space (NOT to be confused with the once popular site “myspace”).


It has…

  • greeted me with piping hot coffee at 5:30 am on several occasions.  That’s huge for me.
  • given me motivation and inspiration on a more consistent basis.
  • helped me focus and forget about all the distractions- even the laundry piled on the couch behind me.
  • makes my kids think I actually “work”.
  • been covered with pictures and notes that say, “Mom I love you” from my kindergartener.

It’s funny what a desk off of Craigslist, a table from a thrift store, and a few shelves from Ikea will do for you.

Go ahead, plan your space, and be inspired.  It’s worth the time, effort, and money.

It’s the best Christmas present you can give yourself.  Do it!