About two years ago I put fear in its place and finally allowed myself to dream. And I began to dream big. For me this meant that I would give myself the freedom to explore the world of writing, and really see if this was a direction I wanted to go.

Dreaming is one thing, doing is quite another.

At first I thought that my dream was to publish a book. That seemed like a reasonable dream for a writer. I thought of it as measurable success.

But then I thought about what would happen if I made it. If I actually did publish a book.

What next? Would I keep going? Would I stop?

Well, I don’t really know the answers because I haven’t published anything yet, but I do know that just getting a book published is not my dream anymore. (Nowadays someone with a little money in their pocket can publish a book .) So that isn’t it.

My dream is to inspire and influence others through the written word. That’s it. Maybe it is through this blog, maybe something else printed or published in the future. But for me as a writer, if I’m not inspiring others to greatness, if I’m not influencing others for Jesus, then it would be meaningless. It would be empty.

I get comments every now and then- whether in-person, email, or an actual blog comment, of how something I wrote influenced them. When I do, I know I’ve done well and I’ve accomplished my goal.

I still have a lot to learn, but it keeps me going, and for a moment I know what it feels like to be living my dream. It’s in those moments that I am.

Thanks for all of you who encourage me, I hope I can do the same for you.