A little over a week ago Efraim turned 6 months.

I took him to the doctor last week for his check up and turns out he is a little man.

He weighed in at 15% on the growth charts with his head being only 9%- no wonder all of his hats swallow his head!  His sisters were in the 85-95% on the growth charts up until 6 months (when they went down to 65%) so I’m not as used to having a “small” baby.  Although he is small, the doctor says he is doing great so nothing to worry about.

With Efraim I feel like God is allowing him to be a baby longer (since he will likely be my last baby) so I can enjoy this season a little longer.

He started eating “real” food a couple of weeks ago, and he loves it.  Last week I started on veggies.  I like to start with veggies because I feel like they are the hardest to get kids to like and I would rather them learn to eat them before fruit.  Don’t know if there is any truth to that, but I did that with both of my girls and they still like their veggies.  So, I’ll keep doing it.  🙂

And yes, I make his baby food.  It’s so easy that not doing now just feels wrong (for me!).  Plus I feel better feeding my baby food that I don’t mind tasting.  I would never taste the stuff in the jars, but I will taste puree peas, squash, etc.  All I do is microwave frozen or fresh veggies or fruit (depending on what it is) with a couple of tablespoons of water.  After it’s cooked I pour it in the blender and purée it.  I’ll add a little water to make it smooth if needed, and then pour it into ice-cube trays and freeze.  It’s so easy and so much more cost efficient.  I usually always have a bag of frozen veggies in the freezer and can do it in less than 10 minutes if needed.

Here are a few pics of Efraim over the last week or so.

In case you were wondering, we’re getting family pictures taken next week so I’m planning on updating the blog pics to include Efraim.  I know I know it’s taken way too long. 🙂