Well, I’ve heard of writers getting writers block because there’s something in the way- I think that is what has happened to me. I have a lot in my mind that I frankly don’t want to write about, but it seems that if I don’t- my mind won’t let me move past it and I’ll be stuck with nothingness.

So, here goes.

Politics. Such a dirty word. But I must confess- it’s a secret obsession of mine. Yes, I know…it’s a habit I’m trying to break, but so far it’s just getting worse.

Lately I’ve been trying to understand why people believe the way they do. It’s so interesting to me that some people get so caught up with insignificant things yet brush over things, that to me, seem important. Now I understand that each of us have our own perspective and ways of looking at things that make us all unique and different in how we think things should be. But in the end, what’s right? There’s many good options, many bad options, and others that don’t seem to matter yet they will be what a candidate could base his/her whole campaign around.

There’s a verse in the book of Daniel that I’ve heard many times over by Andy Stanley and how it relates to leadership. “The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes.” Daniel 4:17
I believe we can do and say all we want, but in the end God has the say over our country and who runs our government- not the media, not the protesters, but God. It doesn’t mean that the godliest candidate wins, it means that the one God is giving it to wins. I truly believe that God is sovereign, He is in control, He reigns!

My heart breaks for those who don’t know God and have a relationship with Him. For those who feel they have to rely on their government or somebody else to control their lives and tell them how to live. I believe there is an inherent desire in every human being that longs to be free. Many people around the world are under bondage because of slavery, government, etc. Here in America we have freedom- they are becoming more and more limited, but freedom nonetheless.

For me true freedom in life isn’t found in a free country or in the right president running the government, but in Jesus Christ. He has been my ultimate freedom! He paid the price for my mistakes, my shame. Now, I can put my full confidence in Him without wondering if He will keep his word. He means what he says and does what He promised. He overdelivers with blessings that are beyond what I could have thought up.

I often have to laugh at what these candidates are trying to promise us. I know the next president is NOT going to be my savior. He is not going to change much of my day to day life in any way. He might take more of my money away, but it’s okay because God is my provider NOT the government (that’s for sure!). Jesus gives me peace, hope, love, joy, patience (& boy do I need that!), and many more things that are more satisfying than anything these candidates are trying to promise to improve my life. It doesn’t mean that life is perfect, that I never have a bad day. But, I know that God is there when I do and will pick me up, and keep me going.

The next President will be elected in a few short weeks, the media hype will swirl with both positive and negative reports about each candidate and anyone who tries to cross their path. After the smoke clears, may it be in a few weeks or months (if there’s another Florida recount!), work will still have to be done, and real life will still have to be lived.

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