I finished 2011 reading Nearing Home by Billy Graham.  What a great book to finish up the year and propel me ahead for 2012!

Having never read any of his books, I wasn’t sure how well I would connect with it.  While I have tremendous respect for Dr. Graham and admire all the work he has done throughout his life, I can tend to think of his style as a little old-fashion.  But, wow, I was so wrong!

I loved the opening of his book.  He wrote, “I never thought I would live to be this old.”

Nearing Home challenges the older generation, the generation on the verge of retirement.

Dr. Graham wrote about how there’s so much about life we plan for, but many fail to plan how they will spend their “golden years” or life after retirement.  We may plan to retire, but what about after?  He challenges the reader to have a plan and purpose for life and provides encouragement in how to carry it out.

While retirement is a long way off for me, it is good to think about, and to some degree, plan for- even at age 31.  Those of us who are young need reminders every so often that we won’t always be young.  We only have a short time to influence those under us.  If we fail to teach, or lead those coming behind us, we may not suffer, but those coming behind us likely will.

I am so thankful Dr. Graham for leading the next generation and being faithful in the process.  It is clear that God has blessed his life, and as a result, allowed him to enjoy a long and full life.

For Dr. Graham to have the ability and capacity to write a book at the age of 91 is quite impressive.  What a great example and model to follow!

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I received this book free through the Booksneeze program in return for an honest review.  I am so grateful for the opportunity.  Thank you, Booksneeze! 

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