At the beginning of every year I sit down with my journal and write down goals for myself. This year I was more anxious than ever to write my goals. Last year I dreaded it. I remember forcing myself to buy a journal, go to Starbucks, and write down my plan for 2007. My main goal for 2007 was simply motivation. That’s it! I remember feeling like I just didn’t want to waste time. Looking back, I did it! Not only did I have motivation, but I had motivation, for what I believe, were the things God had for me. I never would have guessed that God was able to do in my life what He did- and I’m glad I didn’t try to come up with it because I’m sure I would have stopped short of His goal for me.
So, after spending the past couple days praying, I wrote down my goals for 2008. I’m expecting God for big things in me, my family, and our ministry this year!

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