Ever since Cailyn was born I’ve been waiting for things to get back to normal. My time, my energy, my body, my to do list. But I’m starting to wonder if that’s even possible or what “normal” really means.
I’m beginning to realize that everything I want to do comes secondary to what is most important for my kids/family. Filipe came home early today so I could run a few errands by myself. At 4 oclock I left the house in a hurry since my time is very limited with a newborn to feed every 3 hrs. As I was driving off I realized that I never ate lunch- not because I didn’t want to or the normal excuse of having nothing good to eat in the house, but just because I forgot!
Figuring out how to manage a baby & a toddler has been interesting. I love a challenge and I definately have a challenge in front of me. For now, my sights are set on being able to sleep through the night again-things have to get a little more normal then-I hope!

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