imagesThe past week has been brutal.  We moved Labor Day weekend just a few apartments down to a 3 bedroom apartment.  Getting all of our stuff in was the easy part.  Within 48 hrs. everything was in and organized, BUT we lost all connection to technology.  No phone, cable, internet- nothing.  I couldn’t even use my cell phone at home since I have to use the internet connection to get reception.  The biggest frustration is that it took 3 separate AT&T guys to come out 3 different times.  You would have thought these guys had to do some major overhaul on the wires or whatever it takes for the service, but no- they didn’t even come into the house to do anything.  They pretty much turned on a switch and called and told us our service was connected.  Seriously- 10 days to do that!  Of course the internet (the most important for us) was the last one they connected. 

Anyway, we are finally connected again and life is getting back to normal.  I didn’t realize how much freedom a couple hundred more square feet would feel- not to mention an extra room.  The best part of the whole place is that we have a huge closet in the girls room- and I mean HUGE!  I love having enough space to keep things organized well.  When I don’t I just want to get rid of everything until there’s enough space without things feeling so cluttered- I hate clutter.

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