Another year has come and gone, and Saturday I celebrated my 28th birthday! I know you’re thinking, “she’s so young!” right! 🙂 Well, in spite of getting older, I had a great birthday weekend, thanks to my amazing, wonderful husband.

Here are a few reasons why…
1. He let me sleep in.
2. He brought me some good ole Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.
3. He watched our girls while I went out to “tea” with some friends for lunch. I love going to this tea place- the first time I went I felt like I had stepped into a little English village. It has amazing food & of course great tea- & its a fun girl thing to do together!
4. He let me relax & take a nap that afternoon!
5. He took me to Fonduely Yours for dinner- which was fabulous as always.

I must say I have the best and most incredible husband in the whole world and don’t know what my life would be like had I not found (& grabbed!)him. Filipe, you are the best! Thanks for a great birthday- it was wonderful!

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