I’m SO proud of my daughter, Lily, so I have to brag on her for a few minutes. 

She overcame some of her fears this weekend!

A few months after Lily turned 2 (right after we moved to California), she developed a lot of fears- the top 2 would be costumes and kiddie rides (carousel, trains, etc.). 

When we went to Disneyland a year ago, we had to stay FAR away from anyone in a costume, and she cried on just about every ride we tried to take her on- even “It’s A Small World” (seriously?!).  The only ride she liked was Dumbo- and that was cause she could sit in a pink one.  🙂

Only six months ago, we took the kids on the train at the pumpkin patch and Lily screamed and cried the WHOLE time- the train went about 20 mph- nothing too scary about it.  Here’s a picture of it- you would have thought we were torchering her or something. 


So, yesterday we went to Great America- an amusement park here in Nor Cal that is about 2 miles from our apt.  They currently have a discount on season passes so we got some (along with the Wood family) so we would have a fun family activity to do throughout the summer.  I was crossing my fingers and hoping the girls would like it and that it would be as enjoyable as we hoped it would. 

The park opened a new Snoopy theme in their kids area.  Lily told me on the way there, “Mommy, I want to show Snoopy my chapstick and give him a hug”.  I said okay, but inside thought that as soon as we would get close she would start crying.  

Well, to my amazement, she did it!  Without hesitation, she walked right up to him and gave him a BIG hug.  Then we all took a picture with him.  



When it came to the rides, she overcame that fear to and even went on the carousel which we’ve tried to get her on everywhere it seems.  She looked a little nervous at first, but then was so proud.  

Lily & Cailyn rode one of the rides all by themselves.  We were more nervous about that one. 

It was a big day for Lily and I’m so excited to see her overcome this- even a little bit.   

Here’s a few more pics:

I forgot a hat for Efraim so I had to keep his head covered w/ a blanket the whole time.  He slept just like that for about 2 hrs. 

And you know you have a great dad when he doesn’t mind riding in the pink car. 🙂

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