Well, I did it!  I made it to the end of P90X.

Overall, I’m happy with my results, and I feel like I accomplished what I wanted.

The main reason for doing P90X was to jump-start myself back into working out.  It’s easy to develop some habits during pregnancy that aren’t all that great (at least for non preggers) like taking naps and “resting” all the time.

The hardest part about doing a program like P90X is the time commitment- an hour to an hour and a half a day, six days a week.  I usually worked out in the evenings at the beginning of the week, and in the afternoons at the end of the week and on weekends.  Having 3 kids and home to keep up with, I did my best not to stress everyone else out just so I could workout.  So if some days were chaotic and extra busy, I allowed myself to take an afternoon/evening off.  I usually got in 4-6 days (except for vacation which I just did an extra week).

My favorite thing about P90X is the variety of workouts.  I get bored easy so this kept my attention and kept me going.  I especially like how it focused on the different areas/muscle groups of the body.

As far as results go, I lost 10 pounds and I am a lot more in shape now then when I started- especially in my upper body- arms, back (from all those push-ups and pull-ups!).  I still have about another 10 pounds to lose, but I know it will come in time.  My goal is to lose another 5 this fall and the rest once I stop nursing next January.  For some reason my body likes to hold onto about 5-7 pounds throughout the nursing season.  I remember when Cailyn stopped nursing I lost 7 pounds in a week- and I wasn’t exercising or eating healthy!

My girls liked working out with me every now and then.  They would sometimes wake up from their nap early and come out in the living room when I was finishing up a work out and they would join me in whatever I was doing.  Here’s a couple from pics of last week:

I wish I could say I finished with a bang (and I had every intention of doing so), but last week was crazy!  We were pretty busy at the beginning of the week and I was really sick on Friday so it ended up being my worst week only getting in 2 days.

So what now?
I still intend on working out- but not as intense for the next couple weeks or months.  I’ll take a few days off from P90X dvd’s- I am a little tired of them right now, but I’ll continue to use them at least for some cardio and upper body workouts.  My overall goal in exercising is to be fit and healthy not to be obsessed about how I look and my body fat percentages.

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