The reality of moving has now set in. We have no house, no car, no furniture, no “stuff”. This week has been crazy trying to pack and sell and just get rid of everything. It’s so exhausting!

Right now we’re living at Filipe’s parents house and there’s a huge pile of boxes that didn’t fit on the trailer. So, now we have to go through and figure out what we really want to keep and what we can part with. Deciding what to do with things is the hardest part for me. Once I can make a decision about whether it’s going in the trash, goodwill, or wherever, I’m fine. It’s just coming to the decision that is difficult for me.

I’m learning a lot through it though:

– I’ve learned is that the next time I have to pack I’m going to start packing what I really want to keep rather than packing the meaningless stuff first- the stuff that just takes up closet space that I never use!
– I’ve learned that I’m a bad judge of space- I tend to overestimate how much can fit in a box. I wish all of my clothes could fit in just 1 suitcase!
– I’ve learned that it probably takes twice the amount of time to pack an entire house than I expect- especially with babies! The day I really planned for packing, Cailyn was cutting a tooth- so of course she was fussier than normal.

As chaotic as all of it has been, I’m really enjoying the process. It will be good for us to have these last 3 weeks here being able to say goodbye and hang out with people rather than having to pack up until the day we leave. It will also prepare us for the move better because I’m sure that when September 3rd comes, we will be more than ready to go and get things settled in California.

Packing the trailer.

After it was packed Filipe had to take everything off and repack it because of the weight!

Lily liked playing inside the empty cabinets while I packed boxes.

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