Writing and Fasting

Back in June I had the opportunity to write an article for an online magazine on the subject of fasting. I was thrilled to write it because I’ve had numerous experiences with fasting. Of course, as often happens throughout the writing process, I was overcome with the feeling of, why in the world am I […]

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Everything {A Review & A Giveaway}

I’m slowly coming around…to blogging again that is. Summertime just has its way of letting my thoughts wander and linger. And I just don’t feel a sense of urgency to get them down and onto the page (or screen). But alas, the day does come when I begin again. I’ve gone round and round enough […]

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Letting Go of Summer

photo (23)

All good things must come to an end. We’ve had a great summer together. Fun & family was our focus and I think we did a pretty good job at that. I spent many Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market. Lily took up writing this summer (completely on her own) She’s written four “books”. The other […]

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Changing Lives through Lifesong Farms

Lifesong is partnering with us in our adoption journey. Their mission is, “bringing joy and purpose to orphans”. Once a month I will feature their blog so that you can learn more about them, their ministry, and the amazing work they do. Lifesong Farms. Through the partnership and expertise from our friends at Plant Sciences, […]

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Montreal: Share Life-Shine Light


I’m sitting on a plane high above the clouds reflecting on the past six days in Montreal, Canada. A team of us from South Bay Church traveled to Montreal to help a new church get off the ground. In preparation for their second preview service we spent a few days just loving on the city. […]

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Summer Lovin

photo (27)

Summer is fully under way here at the Santos home. If you follow me on twitter or instagram then it’s no surprise I’m a big huge fan of summer. I love the excuse to throw the schedule out the window and spend the days soaking up the sun and having as much fun as possible. Summer […]

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Executing Your Dream

Last week was pretty crazy…in a good way. Crazy in a I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-do-this kind of way. It was overwhelming at times. There were moments of stress. But each day I took in another deep breathe and quietly whispered, “Thank you”. You don’t always know when they come. Opportunities. You spend so much time dreaming of them. […]

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A Simple Way to Invest In Your Marriage

photo (21)

Last weekend Filipe took me on an overnight getaway. I share about our “getaways” often and why we do it, so if you’ve read this blog for a while, then this isn’t new to you. We do this as a way to invest into our marriage and each other. And anytime a woman hears the […]

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Adoption is not a Fairytale

Adoption activity has been relatively quiet around here lately. And I sense this being more of a trend as the steps from here on out are out of our hands and into someone else’s. Adoption is a waiting game. And we’re just at the beginning of it. But the wait is good. The wait helps […]

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Is Summer Here Yet?

photo (15)

It’s the last week of school. And I couldn’t be more relieved excited. It’s been a great year for us. Both girls have done really well. But I’m exhausted Ready. For. Summer. Our school hosted an open house last week. All the parents are invited to see the kids’ work from throughout the school year […]

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