Well, it’s finally here…the dreaded “potty training” stage. I’ve been putting it off as long as possible because I really have not wanted to deal with this issue yet-diapers are working pretty well:)! But, needless to say, I do want Lily to grow up and master this important skill. The past month or so we’ve been having her sit on the potty before she goes to sleep and when she gets up & any other time she mentions something about “potty”. Now she’s learned to take off her pants & diaper, so I decided if we’re going to be cleaning up messes they might as well be for a reason.

Today was Day 1 and it went okay-I guess- we went through 4 pairs of panties- is that good? Oh well, either way it moves us one day closer to a diaper free world (for Lily that is!).

In the midst of this experience I’m realizing my own impatience and need for control. I can’t control her- and I think it frustrates me that I can’t. I’m learning a lot about myself and how I have to relax and not stress or give up went it feels like its impossible. Its kinda funny the situations God puts us in to learn what we need to develop our character. HE definately got through to me today as I spent my whole day in the bathroom:)!

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