Over the last seven days, I’ve been in high gear in three different areas of my life all at the same time. Through it all I actually felt like superwoman- not because I really am, but because truly and honestly the Holy Spirit empowered me in a supernatural way. There’s no doubt in my mind it was God who gave me the energy and ability, I couldn’t have done it on my own and still be excited about each one.

It’s been so surreal it’s hard to put into words right now.

The 3 areas:
1. Planned a birthday party for Lily.
2. Started a writing marathon.
3. Developed the resource area for South Bay Church as we moved from being portable to permanent yesterday.

On top of that I still:
Cleaned my house top to bottom
Did all the laundry
Went grocery shopping
Cooked meals for our family
And cared for my kids (though I did have a ton of help!).

See, miraculous I tell ya.

I’ll share more about each of these as the week goes on, we’re enjoying a day of rest today.


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