A couple weeks ago was Lily’s 3rd birthday, and something I like to do is make my girls’ birthday cakes. So a couple weeks before Lily’s birthday I searched online for the perfect cake for my soon to be 3 year old- a princess I might add!

Now, what is important to know about this whole ordeal is that I am no baker nor am I skilled in the art of cake decorating- two things that are helpful when setting out to bake the “perfect” cake.

I purchased all the ingredients (and accessories) to make a princess/castle cake and two days before the big day I got started- I figured if I totally screwed it up I would still have time for a redo. While alternating the flour and liquid mixture into the mixer I had a realization about how we approach life- yes, a spiritual moment as a white cloud of flour was forming around me (no the cloud wasn’t God or anything, just my inabilities to alternate dry/liquid correctly).

Here it is: The only reason I was going through all this work (& STRESS!) was because I wanted to give my little girl a pretty cake that I made- not because I like to bake/decorate cakes. For me, there was nothing enjoyable about the experience- just a lot of stress within about 48 hrs. I think we often approach life the same way- we want the results without going through the process.

In other areas for example:
I have a huge desire to connect with God more deeply in prayer, but, just deciding one day that I want to be a great prayer warrior isn’t going to turn me into one. There is a process in getting there, and unless I submit myself to the process I will get frustrated with the results.

I want to be a great writer- one that inspires others to know God. But again, if I don’t allow myself to be developed, it’s not going to happen.

I can think of many more examples, but I hope you’re getting the point. Oh and if you’re wondering- I still don’t feel called to be a baker. So, yes I will continue to go through a lot of stress when birthdays come around because I don’t want to go through the process of being a great baker. Maybe I will get it eventually (I have many years ahead of me) or maybe just buy a cake? Probably not.

I wonder, what areas are you wanting results? What process do you need to go through to get there?

Here are my results?

The face said it all for me!

The cakes- not perfect, but I was pleased.

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