Two weeks ago I took Cailyn, my 4 year old, to the doctor for her well check-up.  When the doctor came in the room she greeted Cailyn and chatted with her a few minutes before the exam.

She asked her, “Are you excited for Santa to come to your house?”.
Cailyn froze and gave her a confused, or rather, terrified look.

“She’s scared of Santa”, I whispered.
“Ohhh…”, she said.

Are my kids the only kids afraid of Santa Claus? 

I didn’t take them to get pictures with Santa when they were babies- it was the last thing on my mind at the time.  When they got a little bit older, no one was going to get them close to that big man in the red suit.  Even if he did have toys for them.

I asked my girls this year if they wanted to go take pictures with Santa.  “No!”, they shouted.
“Alright”, I responded.  “You don’t have to if you don’t want”.

We haven’t had to deal with the question of Santa being real or not in our house.  We deal with them being scared of Santa and have to reassure them that Santa is not, in fact, coming to our house.

Maybe one day we’ll get those classic pictures with Santa in the mall.  Til then…

Do your kids believe in Santa or are they freaked out by him like mine?