Our time here in Brazil is quickly coming to an end. After fifty days, we will begin our long trek home tonight. The big miracle is all our paperwork is complete. We picked up the boys’ passports at the U.S. Consulate yesterday (insert HUGE sigh of relief). Needless to say we’re all pretty excited to go home.

It’s been so good for our family to be here. Good in a hard sorta way. Having this time to bond with the boys here in their home country (& Filipe’s) has been so good for all of us. We’ve had the opportunity to begin our relationship with them in a place they are more comfortable. While it is comfortable (for them), it is not all familiar.

Every thing is new.
Every experience is different.

God is working in our family each and every day. He gives us strength. He gives us wisdom. He gives us grace.

FullSizeRender (11)We visited the Corcovado here in Rio yesterday. I love that it’s named Christ, the Redeemer. Oh, how he redeems. And oh how I need this reminder daily. He’s working in our boys just as He still working in me.

10429480_10154842183875262_5997943593699210016_nOne of the smoothest parts of this transition is how well all five kids are getting along. I really had no idea how they would do- especially Efraim(4), but surprisingly, he’s taking it all in stride. He loves his brothers. The best part is they are all speaking Portuguese.

Our new reality has come more into focus. We have a new normal and there’s no going back. The kids enjoy the amount of playmates at hand.

KidsPlay“It’s more fun to play”, I overhear one say.

The stares, the comments, the gasps, oh my. I’m getting used to being stared at like we’re a traveling circus. “Are they ALL yours?!”, they ask.

We learn something new every day. About each other, about language, about love. It’s a crazy, awesome thing I tell ya.

IMG_0568And it’s just the beginning.

Mandy Sig


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