My life is a little backwards, or crazy- whichever you call it. Some people ask how I do it all. How I read so much, write, take care of three kids, and keep a house functioning 24/7.

Here’s a little window. It may not be perfect, and it’s not all neat and tidy like I wish it could be, but it’s my attempt at doing it all.

I spend my weekdays:

  • taking kids to school, ballet, and gymnastics .
  • making sure homework is done, learning is happening, and we are growing each and every day.
  • doing laundry, cleaning sinks, putting dishes away, and preparing meals.

And then comes…Saturday.
What do I do?

I wake up early, kiss my husband and kids good-bye, and with laptop in hand, drive to the nearest Starbucks. I order my usual (Grande nonfat latte w/ two raw sugars), head to a table, and get to work.

Sometimes I write blogs for the week.
Sometimes I write a chapter or two.
Sometimes I brainstorm and let my mind wander.

On a good Saturday (like last week) I will be there from 8-12.

Then I head home and escape to my room (usually once the kids are down for naps) and read. All afternoon.

It’s lovely.

There are weekends where I will switch it up- go out in the afternoon for example. But I’ve learned that whenever I start this way, I get more writing accomplished. Four hours in the morning feels like twice the amount of time than four hours in the afternoon.

One day I’ll get more than one day a week like this, but for now, it’s all I have to work with. Yes, it feels crazy sometimes, but these are the sacrifices we make for the dreams we have.

What would be worse?

Not pursuing it at all.