Things have been a little slow around the blog here lately, but for good reason (at least I think so).

Normally I would have the Christmas tree and decorations up by now, and be fully engaged into the Christmas season.  But nope, not this year.

Last week we signed a new lease on a house a couple of miles away which means we are moving…in less than two weeks…two weeks before Christmas!

My to-do list more than quadrupled in a day and I feel like a crazy woman.  Here are a few of the things I have accomplished in the last two days (I waited until after Thanksgiving to let it all completely sink in):

  • Christmas shopping (started Sat., finished Mon.)
  • Grocery shopping (2-3 weeks worth)
  • Take down fall decor
  • Clean out kids clothes

Of course this list pales in comparison to the rest of my to-do’s (give away toys/clothes, post items on Craigslist, newsletter/Christmas cards, pack, MOVE, decorate for Christmas, etc. etc. etc.)

While it seems like the craziest timing, I have a huge peace about it.  A couple of weeks ago I was a little stressed wondering where we would move and how we would even find a place this time of year.  I knew that God would lead us, but the fear of the unknown has the tendency to grip me more than I’d like.

Whenever I find myself in these types of situations I ask the Lord to make it very clear where we should go and to use it for His glory.  I feel very confident that He did just that last week- the biggest thing being that our proposal amount (still renting) was less than the asking price knowing other people offered the full amount.  In fact, we will be paying considerably less on a 4 bedroom house than we were on our 3 bedroom apartment.  In addition, I’m really excited about our new neighborhood, the ministry opportunities there, and our schooling options (Lily starts Kindergarten in the fall).

Going into a weighty decision often brings anxiety and stress, but for me, it’s simply the peace of God that I allow to lead me to make the decision.  Even if the decision carries more work, having God’s peace in my life is much better than trying to save myself a little more effort.  When we signed that lease I felt like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.

While this decision brings with it a tremendous amount of work in the next couple weeks, I have a huge peace and joy knowing that we’re making the right decision, and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So, if you’re wondering where I am and why it’s so quiet around here, I’m probably cleaning  a cabinet or packing a box.