One thing I love for my small groups to do is serve together in some capacity.  Small groups can naturally be inwardly focused as we spend the majority of the time focusing on our own struggles and areas of needed growth.  While there is nothing wrong with that and it is part of the reason we have small groups, I think taking some time to do something for others can help us focus outward beyond ourselves and our current problems.

Tonight our small group took a big basket filled with goodies to the local Fire Dept. in the area.  All of us baked or contributed something to the basket.  We had so much stuff we had an overflow bag half filled.  They were loaded with brownies, cookies, pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, popcorn, hot chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, muffins, and more. 

We carpooled to the Fire Dept. and walked up as 2 of the firemen were sitting outside talking.  We shared with the 2 guys that we wanted to bring them something to show our appreciation for what they did in the community.  After confirming that we were at the “right” fire station, they were so happy.  They made an announcement throughout the fire house that “guests from South Bay Church” were there and within minutes all 14 firefighters (12 men/2 women) came out and greeted us.  It just so happened that the crew working will be the same one working on Thanksgiving Day.

Most of them hung around and proceeded to give us a tour of the station and shared some interesting fire fighting stories.  They said the most common fires are kitchen fires and fires started by lack of common sense (putting a wet sock in the toaster to dry).  In the middle of the tour the alarm went off and we were all looking around like “oh no there’s a emergency somewhere!”, then the dispatch proceeded to say, “Station 29 and communications welcomes the South Bay Church and thanks for the Thanksgiving goodies!!!”.  Needless to say, I think they felt loved! 


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