In continuing our study on the Lord’s Prayer this week we discussed Matthew 6:11.  This week is a short, simple discussion because this was our first social night together.  Since the purpose of a small group is to build relationships with each another as well as our relationship with God, we are taking 3 weeks over the course of the trimester to spend time together.  This week we broke into groups of 3-4 and discussed the following passage over coffee & dessert.

Matthew 6:11- “Give us each day our daily bread

 Our Provider
When we read this verse we should recognize God as our provider and that ALL we have comes from him. 

 Is it difficult for you to recognize God as your provider?  Do you feel like you are the one that has to make things happen in life? 

 Read Deuteronomy 8:11-18 focusing on vs. 17-18

 The Present
Do you get caught up thinking about what should have been or what could be?

 People w/ powerful prayer lives live completely in the present. 

 Read Matthew 6:25-33 focusing on vs. 32-33

Are you a worrier?  Do you find yourself constantly worrying about what you don’t have or what you might need?

 Jesus clearly tells us not to worry about- he will provide everything we need!  This is a way we can be an example to those around us who are not followers of Christ.  Worrying is a normal part of life- except for those of us who look to God to be our provider and sustainer of life.     

 Are you living your life in absolute dependence on Him?

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