This is a review of our women’s small group from last night.  It is for those of you who couldn’t make it, those who want a review, and just if you’re interested in what we’re studying.  I’m going to post the outline/comments each week following the study.

1st night of group was awesome- 15 women came and there were lots of new faces.  I love meeting new people!

I passed out notecards and asked everyone to write their answer to the question, “What is Prayer?”.  From my study of Scripture, the answer to this question isn’t directly addressed.  We see the question, “How do you pray?” from the disciples directed to Jesus in the New Testament, but we don’t see an explanation of prayer itself.  The meaning of it seems to be assumed- even the Hebrew definition of the word for prayer- “palal” is “to intervene, interpose, pray”.

My answer to the question is “Conversations w/ God” (plural because hopefully we have more than 1).  Because we can have a personal relationship with God, we are able to communicate directly with Him. 

I asked each of the women to write this definition on the other side of  the card and see how it compares with their own.  I also asked them to keep the card throughout the study and see how God changes their perspective and/or deepens their understanding of prayer.  There is always something more to learn no matter where we are in our faith journey. 

Other thoughts:
– Our relationship with God determines the depth of our prayer life. 
– Whether we are seeking Him or have been a follower of Christ for many years, it is the sincerity of our heart that matters. 
– Our prayer life is often a reflection of how close we are to Him.
– Used the example of Moses and his intimacy w/ God.  Numbers 12:6, “…Even with prophets, I the Lord communicate by visions and dreams.  But that is not how I communicate with my servant Moses.  He is entrusted with my entire house.  I speak to him face to face, directly and not in riddles!  He sees the Lord as he is…”
– I deeply desire to have this type of relationship with God.
Throughout this study, we will discuss how prayer can radically change our lives and bring us more intimacy in our relationship with God.  Excited to learn more!

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