Two days after Christmas we went to Lake Tahoe with Filipe’s family and his sister’s in-laws (all visiting from Brazil) to see the snow.  There were 12 adults and 7 kids (ages 7 and under).  It took about twice as long to get there than normal, but it was a blast.  Our kids had never seen snow before and they were so excited.

As soon as we got to the snow we bought some sleds (and snow boots for Lily) and the kids went sledding down the hill.  They had so much fun!

Efraim & I watching the kids sledding down the hill behind us.

I love this picture of Cailyn.  She talked about building a snowman the whole drive up.
She looks so happy in this picture.

The 5 of us in snow!

The next day we drove around the North side of the lake and to a Ski Resort for the day.  We had lunch, and some of the group went up the ski lift (for the view).  The girls begged Filipe to take them ice skating (and how could he resist!) while I pushed Efraim asleep in the stroller.  The girls had never been on skates of any kinds, so I wasn’t sure how they would do, but surprisingly they were naturals- they both acted like they ice skated on a regular basis.  Who knew?!  They would have skated ALL day, and cried whenever Filipe brought them off the ice.  The thing was it had started snowing- hard, and the plan was to drive back that evening.  With every passing hour the snow kept getting harder and harder.  We hit the road by about 4:30pm and by this time there was heavy traffic and snow covering the roads.  By the time we got on the highway, chains were a requirement and max speed was 25mph.

We made it back safely- 8.5 hours later (we pulled up in our driveway at 1am).  Surprising the kids did well.  Efraim and Cailyn slept most of the way, and Lily played games on my iphone until the battery died, and then fell asleep.

My favorite thing about the snow…being able to play in it when I want and drive away from it when necessary.