I am so glad you stopped by! Whether we’ve met face-to-face or an ocean spans the distance between us, I hope you feel inspired, encouraged, and challenged before you leave this site.

  • Are you a Millennial with big dreams?
  • Are you trying to live out your faith with integrity?
  • Are you seeking freedom and purpose?

If you are, then this space is designed especially for you. You are who I pray for, write for, and fight for. Why?

Because I see so much talent and potential in you.

  • I see a rising generation of smart and strong women with incredible skill, drive, and creativity.
  • I see young professionals creating products and services that make life better and address real needs.
  • I see young leaders rising up to new positions of influence across the marketplace and ministry space.

But I also see fear and insecurity.

And it makes me sad.

For so long I let fear hold me back. I wasted too many years allowing my insecurities to take control. Sure, I was following Jesus and serving in full-time vocational ministry. Externally things were going well. I had a great husband, kids, church- I was living a good life.

But inside I was full of shame and guilt. At the age of thirty-three, I found myself as a young mom of three asking life’s basic questions all over again.

  • Who Am I?
  • What Is My Purpose?

I finally sought professional help from a licensed counselor and spent a year sorting out the good, the bad, and the really bad. I finally took back control and addressed the unhealthy thoughts, patterns, and relationships I had developed since adolescence. I could finally live with the freedom and purpose God had for me.

But, I don’t think I’m the only one who ever felt that way.

I’ve been in full-time ministry now as a staff member of a local church and as a pastor’s wife for almost two decades. I see many struggle to know who they were created to be and do what God created them to do. The more I meet with and mentor young women, the more I see the negative effects of fear and insecurity.

At a time when we live through the filters of social media, it’s increasingly easier to hide ourselves and disconnect who we are with what we present to the world. You may tell the world how brave and kind you are, but you know the fear and anxiety you wrestle in the dark.

If that’s you, can I just tell you, God has so much more for you. God created you to live in freedom with purpose. You can overcome your fears and face your insecurities. It may take some hard work. Forging new paths aren’t easy, but life has proved time and again that the best things never are.

My Goal for This Blog

In writing weekly posts, I want to help you connect your faith to real life so you can discover more of who God created you to be and how to live with freedom and purpose.

There will be posts to help you:

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