Things are starting to fall in place for us- here is a condensed version of the details.

We have a contract on our house and are closing August 8th. To have a buyer within 30 days is pretty darn good in the current housing market!

Car + Stuff
Filipe’s parents have agreed to drive our car w/ a trailer out to California for us, then fly back. They’ll be making a pit stop at the Willowcreek Leadership Summit in Chicago and Yellowstone National Park, so it should be a fun trip for them. In doing so we have to have everything packed and out of here by August 3rd- that’s in 2 weeks! I’m so grateful that we don’t have to drive w/ the girls across the country. I think I really would go crazy after about five hours!

Temporary Housing
Filipe’s parents have also graciously offered to let us live at their house for the month in between- I’m sure they don’t mind having the girls around!

Plane Tickets
We have our plane tickets for the 4 of us to fly out (to San Jose). We leave Charleston on September 3rd!

We have a hotel reserved for us when we arrive in San Jose. Our first home will be Days Inn for a couple nights!

Some of our tasks over the next two weeks is to separate all of our “stuff” into catagories:

  • sell on craigslist/ebay
  • garage sale
  • trash
  • packing

I’m learning the difference between stuff I don’t want and stuff I don’t need- the pile of “stuff I don’t need” is growing by the hour!

Thanks for all the prayers- they are needed and appreciated!!! It’s so cool to see how God is bringing everything together. There are times where He blesses us and times where He is using us to bless others- even if it’s just with our “stuff”.

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