I know, I know, I’m a little slow. But I have to let new ideas spin around in my head for a few days before I can actually do something with them. Plus, I figure whatever is still left standing a few days later must be what God wanted me to really take away.

(My own commentary included!)
Andy Stanley– Having peace in uncertain times.
Understanding this concept as a leader was huge for me. I never quite knew how to be confident about uncertainty, but now I think I’m getting it. Being clear is essential, but being certain is not. This is something I can work on and put energy into. Communicating things clearly is so important to me and I know I can work on this and do better.
Also, flexibilty is important. This isn’t as hard for me because I thrive on change. Andy also said, “Plans change, the Vision remains the same.” Love this.

Craig Groeschel– I was taught so I thought…
“The power of the GOSPEL changes lives- trust this!”

“People don’t just want practical. There are unchurched people who are more spiritual.” Again- the power of the Gospel.

Don’t be about building a church, be about building HIS kingdom. Big difference! I love seeing pastors who get this and aren’t afraid of “losing” people to extend God’s kingdom. Satan loves nothing more than seeing us fight over each other rather than united together.

Line 3 believers- “I believe enough to give my life to it.” When we get to this place, the power of the Spirit of God is unstoppable.

Ravi Zacharius
This was the first time I heard him, and this guy made my brain hurt it was so good. Excited to start reading his stuff.
Morality- “What you celebrate you encourage.”

Erwin McMannus– Unleashing the hero within.
I love Erwin’s passion for people to find God’s dream for them. I have a similar passion for that in women and love hearing Erwin speak about this. Sometimes the dreams God puts in our hearts seem so far away or impossible, but we must fight to make it happen. He will help us do it if we’re willing to go for it.

Rick Warren- Interviewed by Andy Stanley
Reminded again of why this man has so much influence- he’s VERY wise!

When it comes to scheduling- “Divert Daily, Withdraw Weekly, Abandon Annually

“Focus on ENERGY management more than time management.” This was so freeing for me- thank you Rick!

“Never stop learning.
Never compare.
Never give up.”

The church should focus not on its seating capacity, but on it’s sending capacity. Jesus took his followers from a “Come & See” follower (unbelievers) to the “Come & Die follower (disciples).

Francis Chan
I love Francis’ emphasis on the Spirit of God. He talked about the difference between exegesis and eisogesis- focusing on God’s Words not on our ideas. Great insight.

Perry Noble– Ez. 37
“The size of the vision God will give me will be directly related to the amount of discomfort I am willing to endure.”

“Prepare for a move of God, don’t plan for it.”

“Finish what you’ve started.”

There were many more great communicators, but this is what is still ringing in my heart. Good Stuff.

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