Summer is fully under way here at the Santos home. If you follow me on twitter or instagram then it’s no surprise I’m a big huge fan of summer. I love the excuse to throw the schedule out the window and spend the days soaking up the sun and having as much fun as possible.

Summer isn’t here forever, so you gotta enjoy it while you can.

We picked strawberries (& brought home about 12 pounds of strawberries).

photo (25)

To which I turned into strawberry jam.

photo (26)

And ever since Lily has informed me that I “wasted” our strawberries.
I just remind her of them as I pull out another jar of jam for her pb&j.

We stay up way past our bedtime, sleep in way later than usual, and enjoy the slower pace of the day. We spend our days at the pool, eat most meals outside on paper plates, and have many family nights on blankets in the living room watching a movie and eating ice cream.

photo (27)

At the beginning of summer I freaked out wondering what I was going to do with my kids ALL. DAY. LONG. I looked into every type of “class” and “camp” around to see what options we had. I made a list, calculated the costs of it all, and then thought about the work involved in getting to all said activities. A week later I tore up my list. I just didn’t have peace about it.

I decided I could work on swimming with them on my time table. (We’re not training for the olympics people, just trying to keep them above water!) Lily can now do a pretty awesome freestyle and Cailyn, who wouldn’t take her floaties off at the beginning of the summer, now refuses to put them on. Efraim’s working on holding his breath and doing great.

This summer, I’ve wanted to be the main one investing into my kids and give them space to be creative and just enjoy their time home and together. It may not be like this every summer, but for this one, it’s what we’re doing, and it’s been so rewarding.

I don’t have “set” times of reading, but when Lily reads to Efraim (all his books on his shelf) before his nap, I figured she got some good reading practice for the day.

photo (24)

Not to mention, she’s “written” two books this summer and many conversations are spent discussing a new theme or opening sentence for her next book because she quickly got tired of, “Once upon a time…”.

And sometimes we all get a little bored and open up a cabinet and find something (like the plastic cups) and get creative.

photo (22)

These cups kept them all entertained for over TWO HOURS. Sure beats the price of admission for…well, anything.

Next week we head out on vacation. To more sun and beaches and family and fun. And we’ll keep soakin up as much as we can get. So if things are slow around here this month, then you know why.

Summer doesn’t last forever. We’ll soon be right back to school and routine and getting out the door by 8 once again. But, we won’t talk about all that right now. There’s way too much more fun to be had around here.