What a weekend!  I think I’m finally rested from all the activities. 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our South Bay Church family on Thursday afternoon.  We rented the clubhouse at our apartments and had an open invititation for anyone wanting to come.  We divided up the traditional Thanksgiving menu items among our staff and we asked everyone that came to bring a dish too.  We had about 35 people come, and needless to say, we had plenty of food- and even more desserts! 

I was super nervous because I took on the job of the turkey (& stuffing, made from scratch gravy, and a couple desserts)- not 1 turkey, but 2 since we were preparing for a crowd.  And no, I had never cooked turkey before.  Surprisingly, thanks to Food Network, the turkeys came out great!  In fact, I’m thinking of buying a small one next week and making it again cause I would like to enjoy it without the nervousness of getting it wrong. 

I really enjoyed all that went into preparing the meal.  I was in the kitched practically non-stop cooking/baking from Tuesday at 2 through Thursday at 4.  It was a little stressful here and there, and being almost 8 months pregnant, my feet were a little swollen at the end of each day, but I had fun- especially since all the recipes came out as expected. 

Here’s a few pics of the dinner- I wish I would have gotten one before the turkey was cut, but it was a little hectic and the last thing on my mind at that point.  Later I will try to post the recipe for the chocoloate pumpkin cheesecake I made (I make it every year).  It is wonderful! 

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