I finally got around to ordering pictures that have been on my computer this past year. I’m committed to having albums of Cailyn- it’s just taken a little longer to get them done. So I did what I normally do when I order prints. I went to DealNews to see the websites offering free prints- I rarely pay for prints because there are ALWAYS free codes there. I chose a company called ArtsCow that had a promotion for something like 600 free prints. Since I had a lot of prints to order, it looked like the best deal for me. So I uploaded the pictures (which took forever!) and submitted the order. Everything was normal, they sent me an email confirmation, and shipping tracking- that didn’t work for some reason, but no biggie. Yesterday, I received a package. I looked at the return address and it read “Kwun Tong,Hong Kong” with “airmail” across it. It was the prints! I love them, they’re great, but to me, that’s just weird.

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