The first post of the New Year is intimidating to write.

It’s like opening up a new Moleskine notebook and that first clean page staring back at you screams, “Don’t mess up!”.  But once a few pages are filled, mistakes are okay, maybe even welcomed.

I spent some time reflecting on 2011 this weekend, and for me, it was a great year.  I challenged myself to new things despite insecurity and fear, and here I sit in 2012 with even bigger dreams and bigger goals to conquer.

Now I’m doing things I never thought possible, and while there’s no guarantee in the outcome, I would much rather try and fail then get twenty years down the road and regret never trying.  Not to mention, I’m learning a whole lot in the process.

There were two words that drove 2011 for me, FOCUS and DISCIPLINE.  It’s exciting for me to see how far I’ve come in those two areas- just by making that my goal.  I’ve learned to stay focused on one task at a time in the midst of kids and chaos, and learned how to maintain discipline (in all areas) despite the unpredictability that motherhood can sometimes bring.  Because of it, I feel much more confident in my role and what God is calling me to.

I’m still not sure yet what my goals will be for 2012.  I’m spending the first 7-10 days of this month praying and seeking God for His direction in my life.  I had some good time with the Lord this morning, and I’m beginning to gain clarity, but I still want to use this entire week to allow Him to speak and let myself hear more clearly.

How was 2011 for you?  Do you have any goals for 2012?