Welcome to the new site- hope you like it!  It’s been in the works for quite a while (more in theory), but I’m happy to have it up and working.

Some of my domain connections were up for renewal which forced me to contemplate changes, and I just love a nice change- and a challenge for that matter.  I’ve been working on moving toward hosting my own site with wordpress, and thankfully with a little help from a friend, (whoa…there’s a Beatles line for ya!) I managed to get it all worked out.

Most of the hard work is over and now I can get back to writing.  With life the way it is right now I can only do one extra-curricular thing at a time.  Yep, for a mama, blogging counts as an extra-curricular.  Gotta lot to share from these last few weeks- hope you’ll stick around.

Let me know if you find any broken links or problems and I will do my best to fix it (or ask how to get it fixed).