Often I’ll be sitting in one of our services at South Bay and be brought to tears just by looking around at the number of people who came.  It seems like only yesterday there were just our three families, and now a couple hundred people are coming weekly

Numbers can be staggering. 

Whether it’s the numbers of young girls trafficked into the sex trade industry every day or the number of people who ordered the Ipad on opening day, numbers speak.

They can represent something exciting, scary, important, or meaningless. 

For me, an exciting number is when I see when I see large groups of leaders gathered in one place.  A group of leaders have so much potential to initiate change in society. 

And I love it. 

 Being surrounded by other leaders who all have a common goal keeps me focused on what God has called me to do.  That’s why I love coming to the Catalyst (West)conference.  The next couple days I’ll be soaking in new thoughts and new ideas.  And being in this setting with a few thousand leaders makes it even better.

How about you?

What kind of numbers inspire you, motivate you?

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