I planned on writing about the issue of time all day long- not having enough, managing it, etc.

But it seems only fitting that on the day I decide to write about time, there is none.  Zero.  So here I am at 10pm writing the post I had an 8am deadline for.  Go figure.

I can complain about it and get frustrated, or think of the people and conversations that did occur as a result- and choose to be thankful.

I can focus on the quantity of time I have to write (or not write), or I can focus on the quality of writing I am doing with the time I do have- even if it’s only 10 minutes.  I would much rather have ten minutes of divine inspiration than ten hours meddling in my own mind any day.

So, I leave you with that.  I haven’t written a whole lot this week and I’ve been kinda sad about that, but I do have a whole lot of inspiration, and that gives me hope.  We’ll see where it leads…if time allows.