I don’t ever remember watching the World Cup before I met Filipe.  Pretty sad, huh?

The biggest sporting event in the world, and I never paid attention.

Well, that’s all changed now that I married into a Brazilian family.  When the World Cup is on, all focus and attention is on the Brazilian soccer team with expectations of winning.

I first experienced a World Cup back in 2002- in Brazil before Filipe and I were married.  Filipe and I both went to Brazil for the summer and during the month of June we were interning at a church in Rio de Janeiro.  Every time Brazil played, the city shut down to watch (on TV).  I think the games were held in Korea that year and so with the time difference some of the games were in the middle of the night and started at 2am- but we were all up and cheering!

That year, Brazil advanced to the final during the same weekend as a Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Conference that we attended with the church we were helping at.   There with a few thousand church leaders, we watched Brazil win the World Cup.  It was so exciting and crazy!  There’s nothing like celebrating with hundreds of Brazilians passionate about the game of soccer- it’s like a religion for them.

SO with that said…the World Cup is on and we are watching and expecting great things for Brazil.


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